Any 40+ stories of success with your own eggs?


I see a lot of success on here but I can’t tell who is DE and who is their own.


[QUOTE=broodmare]I see a lot of success on here but I can’t tell who is DE and who is their own.[/QUOTE]

I am interested in this question. I will be following:nerd:

I’m 43 and had my first IVF and used my own eggs. Using DE for me isn’t an option. I had 6 retrieved. 5 were mature and 5 fertilized. 4 made it to blast. I was very impressed with myself:flower: Unfortunately the 2 that I had transferred didn’t stick. I’m hoping the other 2 that I had frozen will do better. Good luck to you


I got pg via IVF at age 40 1/2, delivered at 41 and 2 months using my own eggs. I was a slower responder, had 20 eggs retrieved, but by day 3 had only 5 “not great” embies.

One stuck, and he just turned one last month!!

There is a 40+ thread with lots of success stories, many if not most using their own eggs.


See my signature for my success story. Got my bfp the week before I turned 41, delivered a healthy boy 9 months later.


I am currently pregnant with my own eggs


How much is IVF

Just curious, I have no insurance. How much is IVF?


Hello, when I was trying to conceive my DS I looked for as many positive stories as I could find. I got pregnant with my own egg the month I turned 42. Easy pregnancy, (relatively) easy delivery. Remember to treat yourself well and good luck!


What state are you in? I am in Texas and everything seems to be less expensive here. The entire process assuming you have good embryos for transfer and complete the transfer is about $10,000. That does not include the stem medicines which can cost up to $5,000. Sometimes it can be less if you don’t have to have all of the trial transfers and continuious MRIs. I am almost out of insurance, in fact our IVF #4 will only be covered for half which will be about $4,000. Good luck


See my sig for success story. A month before I turned 42 I got pregnant with my own. Good luck to all!


Hope you don’t mind if I join in … I’m in the middle of IVF #2 … there were 6 follicles, but at todays’ monitoring appointment only 3 seem to be growing. Hopefu;;y it’ll get better in the next few days …


I am also interested in this question. I just turned 42 in Jan. and just completed first IVF, but it was not successful.

I had plenty of follies (22-24) and got 19 eggs, but only one grade two blast :frowning:

So, I’m wondering if it’s possible to improve egg quality (and even posssibly reduce quantity!). I’d rather have four good embies than 19 bad eggs!

My BF and I have to decide what to do now–we were only covered for one IVF at %50, so anything we do now is OOP. Neither of us makes very much money and we can’t get pregnant naturally b/c my boyfriend does not ejaculate sperm…so, we have some serious thinking to do about what the best use of our limited resources is. If lots of women are getting pregnant using their own eggs, than maybe we should keep trying…?


IVF Costs Vary Greatly Depending on The City/State

In the US, the cheapest I’ve seen (excluding meds) is $8000 in major cities (e.g., NYC) with lots of clinics, and about $12-15K in smaller markets like New Orleans with one clinic (thank the law of supply and demand). Of course, if you’re self-employed or have a lot of vacation time, you can go to Panama City and do IVF for about $5000 with meds. There are two clinics in Panama City (with US-trained doctors), and one is affiliated with Johns Hopkins. Both do PGD testing as a well as all the current procedures done in US clinics. If your using donor sperm, California Cryo and other spermbanks will actually ship to overseas clinics for you.

Am currently 12DPO on my 3rd IUI with my current RE :cross:. At my age (turned 43 in November), the success rates for IVF and IUI with my own eggs are about the same, so I only did one IVF and FET (had 7 blasts). Got a BFP during the FET but it turned out to be a CP. Took CoQ10 and DHEA for six months and had 5 follicles for this cycle, so my fingers are crossed. However, if I get a BFN, I’m throwing in the towel and moving on to IVF with donor eggs, but going to the Johns Hopkins clinic in Panama City, because I can do three IVFs for the price of one with donor eggs there.


sorry chickenlittle

ChickenLittle, so sorry to hear about the test result. Hang in there! I turn 43 soon and am still trying w/ my eggs.



Hello Ladies - I have a success story using my own eggs, I only had 3 retrieved and 1 made it to 5 days, I transferred a perfect blastocyst according to my embryologist. I am now 6 weeks pregnant. As far as cost, I am in Mexico and everything, including medication was a little under $6500…


Here’s a quick story for you:
I’ve worked in fertility clinics for 12 years and have seen a lot of patients over the years. A few years ago, we had a 43 year old woman come in for an evaluation. Her FSH was really high. Dr. told her to use an egg donor, that her own eggs would have a very poor chance of success. The patient came back for 4 months in a row for her day 3 bloodwork. The doctor kept asking us why this lady was testing her blood when she told her to use donor egg.
Long story short: One magic month, the lady’s FSH was 6. Right away, Dr. put her on meds, then through IVF, and she got pregnant! We (including the Dr.) were all very surprised.
Best of luck!


way too early, but…

It’s way too early for anyone to use the word “success” in my case, but we did finally have a BFP this time, after trying for 2 years.

I’ll be turning 42 in January.


I got pregnant with my own egg and delivered when I was 41. I had 8 eggs retrieved but only one fertilized since only one sperm was found in my DH’s sample. We transferred our 6 cell, 25% fragmented embaby on day 3 and received our positive BFP 14 days later.


New here… I conceived my youngest child naturally at age 42, he was born when I turned 43. The easiest pregnancy of all 3 of mine.


just got my first :bfp: on hpt frer :clap:


Im getting ready to deliver august 24th, with my own eggs and my husbands sperm. I am 43 years old and this pregnancy was way easier then my son (who was conceived naturally).:woohoo: