Any advice for IUI


Hello All,

After waiting for a year, finally I have a mature follicle… I am going for IUI tomarrow.Can any one share any tips…Like what should eat or not, what to do etc…

I am bit nervous…:pray: to god everything will be OK…

Also I read some forum that generally RE do 2-3 IUI in a cycle is that true…I am doing only one IUI. Is there will be any problem?



Unfortunately, I can’t really tell you anything since I didn’t do IUI, except that I think I’ve heard plenty of people say they only did one IUI per cycle. I was just going to say that, if you don’t get much of an answer here, you might try posting on the IUI forums. Since PCOS isn’t one of those conditions that necessitates IUI, it’s pretty split over here between people that do it and people that don’t. Good luck and I hope you get some good advice!