Any atlanta people?


Hello all. i am looking into doing our 2nd and hopefully final IVF. I live near the Atlanta area and we used GRS for our first round of IVF. since we really can’t afford this 2nd go round i want to make sure we go to the absolutely best clinic in atlanta. I have been looking into either staying with GRS, going to RBA or Emory. Any suggestions or success stories???


My experience is different than yours.

This year I came to GRS out of desperation and frustration and I have 6 chromosomally normal embryos from my first cycle. At the same time I had my fresh cycle at GRS, I moved 6 of my 2PN embryos from RBA, thawed and cultured them with the fresh embryos at GRS. None of my embryos from RBA were normal. In the previous attempts at RBA, we were able to get 4 blasts out of 21 eggs retrieved from my first cycle, and 3 blasts out of of 8 eggs that werent frozen at 2PN stage (32 eggs total retrieved with the 2PN embryos we later moved to GRS). At GRS, we were able to get more blasts (8 blasts) even though I had less eggs retrieved (18 i think). Right there i felt that GRS was better at protocol and culturing to blasts. Cost wise, GRS is cheaper than RBA.

I’ve been to all clinics in Atlanta except for Emory. I like my doctor at GRS. She’s not afraid to tweak my meds and try new things. I was with one of the top doctors at RBA. When I left RBA, I was told I would need a surrogate after i do PGD but I left them thinking I could never have normal embryos and i was so shocked to get 6 normal at GRS! I also had some issues with the nurses at RBA. PM me if you want more info.

Regardless of my experience, there have been a lot of couples who have had successes at RBA. I am a difficult case as you can see from my siggy.


We LOVE Dr. Toledo at RBA. Gave us a chance when no one else would. He looked carefully at our profile and figured out my luteal phase was longer and I needed to stim longer. First IUI with RBA got pregnant (lost pregnancy due to random chromosomal abnormality). Now have frozen embryos with our own eggs and sperm ready to transfer.

ACRM showed us the door because of my low AMH (horrible experience). My acupuncturist (former nurse in the field) hinted that she has not heard good reports on Emory.

Wishing you all the best!!!


Sorry about your bad experience w/ the nurses at RBA. Even though we love Dr. Toledo and the nurses we have now, we did have a bad experience with one and asked that she no longer work with us. I think she’s gone now!


He was my doctor too :). I love Dr T but he admitted at my last consultation that I am a difficult case. I also felt like there was nothing else he could do. He suggested CGH but I left RBA thinking I could never get chromosomally normal embryos/blasts because of my past chemical pregnancies. The surrogate suggestion was my idea at first because i told him that there is no way that out of 53 eggs extracted from my body, one could not be normal. So he said maybe I do need a surrogate. I could get pregnant but couldn’t stay pregnant. I hope you find your BFP there.

I had bad experiences with 3 nurses but just let it go. I also got scolded by the receptionist on my transfer day. I didn’t want to act back because it was my transfer day, I needed to stay calm and it was the same cycle where I had to come back twice to wait for one more blast to thaw because I asked to transfer 3 blasts but only 2 were thawed due to lack of communication between the nurse and the embryologist. I think the one thing i can’t forget was when one nurse called me to report my beta and congratulated me first (this was during Christmas holiday and you can imagine how excited I was) then a few seconds later she apologized and said actually your beta did not double and you may have ectopic and stop your meds, I need to check with the doctor. But everyone else has been great it’s just these things.


I can’t believe the nurse on the phone made the beta mistake. That is truly horrible. I had an issue with a weekend receptionist once. Sounds like you have really been through hell. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you. This journey is so painful. If you ever need a local coffee buddy or decide to work with an acupuncturist (mine has been an emotional lifesaver and is very knowledgeable) feel free to PM me.


Thanks for the kind words, hope4lowamh! I will be praying for your BFP! Sounds like you just had a transfer, mine is in about 10 days. I can’t wait to be reunited with my blasts!


Thank u Alexi and hope4lowamh for responding to this thread! I actually have an initial appt with dr. Toledo at rba on August 1st and am excited to see what he says!


I am sure you will love Dr Toledo, bellarue! He’s great!