Any BFP's 8DP3DT?


Wondering if its too early to test? 8 days past 3 day transfer… 2 Embryos… 1st IVF… Gonal F, Gonapeptyl & Trigger…

Had it done in Europe and just got home last night… The 2ww is unlike any IUI 2ww lol!


I had mixed results. With my DD, I did medicated IUI and at 11dpo, I got a BFN, but then at day 14 when I tested again I got a BFP. When I did my blood beta at 20dpo, it was over 10k so I have no clue how it was negative at 11dpo (which is same ad 8dp3dt). With my first IVF I got a BFP at 8dp3dt and my beta was high at 10dp3dt at 200+…This pregnancy, I did a 5dt and got my first BFP at 7dp5dt, so it all depends…no reason not to test if your not going to be disappointed if it shows up as a false negative! Best of luck to you!


Oh, and I totally know what you mean about the 2ww being so different with IVF versus IUI! It was excruciating with IVF! I tested my trigger out every time and just went crazy with the POAS! I even got a magnifying glass out the first time I took a pregnancy test after my trigger was out and there was the faintest positive line as my DH didn’t believe me! LOL…


I got my first BFP 8dp3dt.