Any Experience with any GnRh agonist? Any Period delay?


Hi Ladies.
I’m a “can’t wait” kind of person. And i took the decision in no time to bring forward the IVF plan to April.
When i went to RE last week, i was CD 26 (CD 27 is AF start date), he insisted that i take the Gonapeptyl shot (GnRh agonist) to supress my natural hormones before AF, and i did.
Today is CD 30 and still no sign of AF. If everything else was less complicated, i wouldn’t be worried. But DH works abroad and he’s coming for ER and ET only. And he needs to know to be able to buy the ticket. and i started to get really nervous. As if the normal stress of IVF isn’t enough.
Any experience with it? what cycle day did you have this single dose shot? and when did AF show up?
for the first time in my plan, i’m praying AF to show up :pray:


Most women here have used different GnRH agonists, like Lupron or Buserelin or daily Triptorelin (Gonapeptyl is a single large (depot) dose of Triptorelin). Maybe this information will help to get more answers to your questions.