Any experience with gestational carriers in NC?


My sister has offered to be our gestational carrier in North Carolina for our frozen embryos.

Does anyone have an experience/advice to share?




Hi! Congratulations on having such a generous sister.

Have you contacted a lawyer yet? A lawyer is an absolute must for any surrogacy arrangement, whether you’re related to the surrogate or not. It’s just part of the process, and necessary to ensure that you two are considered the legal parents of the child from birth. Also, many/most clinics will not transfer your embryos into a surrogate without a signed surrogacy agreement in place–the clinic may even need a copy of the contract before they’ll go ahead with the procedure.

You do not need the lawyer to be in your state or your sister’s state, although that helps, but they do need to specialize in fertility and assisted reproduction law. Just by googling I found this law firm in North Carolina: