Any FET success after unsuccessful 1st IVF?


Just got a :bfn: on my first IVF cycle, am going to do a FET , it is my understanding that the more cycles you do the lower the percentages are for a :bfp: . My RE says not necessarily because when they do a five day transfer and then freeze and thaw that only the best of the best will survive leaving you with the best embryos. ANy thoughts on this?


I’m so sorry for your recent BPN…

Your odds will actually increase with repeat IVFs. Hop over to the FET board, there are plenty of success stories over there. FET is actually much easier on the body than an IVF cycle and some REs actually prefer it. Good Luck!!!


[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Sorry about your 1st attempt. My 1st time in Nov also resulted in a BFN. I am doing a frozen transfer on Jan 30th. I have read a lot of success stories when it comes to FET’s, so I am thinking positively about mine in 4 weeks. I think frozen embies have just as good of a chance of implanting as fresh ones. In fact, the way I see it, is that since they have been frozen, they will want to snuggle right in and stay warm once they are transferred! LOL Good luck to you![/FONT]


So sorry about your BFN. We were devestated with our BFN during our IVF. We transfered two perfect blasts and didn’t understand what could have gone wrong. We’re now pregnanat with twins after our FET. It’s crazy that the first time we got nothing, then the second time, both stuck.

FET is soooo much easier on your body then IVF. Our clinic’s FET success rate is a little higher due to less trauma on the body. Check out your clinic’s rates.

I tried to believe throughout this whole process that with every BFN, I was one step closer to my BFP.

I wish you the best of luck.


So sorry to hear about your :bfn: . I completely under how it feels. I did 3 fresh cycles as you can see in my siggy; 1st was a chemical, 2nd didn’t work (fluid in the uterus), and 3rd was a m/c. I then decided to do an FET and it worked! I am now about 9 weeks pregnant and everything is going perfectly. My RE definitely thinks that for me FET was the way to go because it gave my body time to build up a nice thick lining and was so much easier on me. After I have my baby, I will do another retrieval, but freeze them all and do an FET when I’m ready. Good luck with your FET!!!


Yes, my 4th and 6th worked. The 4th was fresh and the 6th was frozen. Hang in there. It is a numbers game.


[QUOTE=kipatte]Yes, my 4th and 6th worked. The 4th was fresh and the 6th was frozen. Hang in there. It is a numbers game.[/QUOTE]
Kipatte, I’m going to be nosey here but did you use your own eggs or donor eggs? :flower:


Thank you!