Any FET success stories from CNY?


Hi Ladies. I am set to do a fresh donor cycle this week… ER is tomorrow. Unfortunately, my lining checked out very thin yesterday at around 6.5 - very upsetting when we put so much into this cycle. So now I have to decide to either freeze the whole lot and see if I can’t get a better lining and do an FET, or still transfer one or two. I hate the idea of wasting my embies on a poor lining, but also am afraid as I know their FET rates are not the best - although they now use vitrification which may help with those stats. I was looking for any FET success stories? Thanks!


Hi Tinkerbell - I am a FET success story from CNY! I think there success states are about 20% or more now for FET (they were about 7-10%). I honestly went in thinking this will never work and it did!


Congrats ADK - OMG - looking at your signature line, you really deserve it!!