Any good success stories to share?


Hi, I’m new on this. I am 26, husband is 35. We have a wonderful 2 year old boy who I grow more and more grateful for every day we struggle to conceive another.
So here’s my question. We have been TTC 1 year. I can not ovulate on my own, so I am on round 5 of Clomid. The first round ended with a horrible cyst I had to have surgery to remove. Four months have passed since then, and I have been successfully ovulating, and AF comes without drugs, which hadn’t happened for 3 years, following the birth of my son. One month I had two mature follicles released, next two months just one, and saw Dr. today–3 mature eggs released with Ovidrel today!! If we don’t get pregnant this month, we will undergo more testing for both DH and I. I want to know success stories from Clomid/Ovidrel…how many follicles did you get pregnant from and how many got pregnant from 3 follicles? I appreciate any answers!:pray: