Any Hodgkin Lymphoma survivors (MEN) who succesfully went through TESE ICSI?


Hi All- I’m new to this site and hoping to find answers and people in a similar boat to me and my husband. My husband is a 22 year Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor and went through 9 months of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation. He always knew that there was a chance his treatment would effect his fertility. Apparently it did :frowning: After 6 months of trying to conceive, we decided to go to a fertility specialist who immediately recommended we do a semen analysis. The results are in and 0 sperm were found in his semen… we then went on to meet with a Urologist who informed us that the only shot at having a child that is both of ours biologically would be to do the TESE ICSI procedure coupled with IVF. He said there’s a 30% chance of finding sperm. My husband and I both see the glass as half full so we think the 30% chance is very positive. Before committing to the surgery and next steps, I’m hoping to talk to someone who might have gone through the surgery, specifically someone who previously went through chemo. Looking forward to hearing from some of you.



I saw your pm, but for some reason I can’t reply (it says you aren’t accepting private messages). My husband saw both Dr. Turek in San Francisco and Dr. Schlegel in NYC. Both are great doctors. We did a procedure called FNA Mapping with Turek to see if my husband had any sperm. We then did mTese plus IVF. Azoospermia can be an overwhelming diagnosis, and there are only a handful of doctors who truly specialize in the issue. But there are lots of women on this board who have worked through this with their partners and have gone on to have children. You guys are definitely not alone.