Any hope with these Beta numbers?


These beta numbers are throwing me for a loop. All thoughts are welcome. Baby? Blighted Ovum?

Beta 1 # 127
Beta 2 # 289 (60 hour doubling)
Beta 3 # 456 (72 hour doubling)
Then 7 days forward…
Beta 4 # 1676 (89 hour doubling)


according to the beta base
Beta values main chart
Your doubling numbers are on the higher end or “normal” but still within viable pregnancy betas. That website doesn’t post the numbers people put in until confirmed by u/s.
But beta numbers definitely slow down as they get higher.

Best wishes!


Thank you so much for your kind words…
It is always nice to hear. :cross:


hi ginger snap
I feel like I am in the exact same boat except I only had 2 beta draws one week apart.
I had 2 grade 1 5 day blasts transferred. 10 days later (15dpo)beta # was 600. clinic said no need to repeat. fast forward a week later and i was getting antsy so I got another draw from my local doctor (22dpo) beta # was
2800 a number which would be fine for 22dpo except for the initial high beta. the only explanation I am clinging to is vanishing twin…
any others been through this??
hope we both get good news ginger snap:pray:


That is exactly the same boat I am in. Praying for a vanishing twin too. :pray:
When is your u/s?

Did your doctor seemed concerned at all?
Based on what I have read after hcg reaches 1,000 is slows down to 72-96 hours doubling time.