Any IUI success after multiple IVF failures??


Hi ladies!! Well, i’ve probably been in quite a few past IVF groups with many of you. I have done 6 IVF’s in the past almost 2 years, with 5 completely failed and the last one (and LAST one covered) ending in miscarriage a week after I got my BFP. This is all for ttc#2. My son was an IVF success after 2 years ttc also. My question is has anyone had multiple failed IVF and then had success with IUI? We are using the IUI’s just because coverage is there and there is no way we will get pg on our own since I don’t ovulate or menstruate. My issue has been poor egg quality throughout all of my treatment. I am having my 2nd IUI tomorrow (1st one was Monday, RE does dual IUI). The cycle has gone quite well much to my surprise. We were able to get only 4 good follies (a challenge for me to grow less than 20 so trying IUI again was touch and go) and my hormones are right on, CM is glorious and swimmers were praised as perfect (never was an issue though, lol). The problem is my eggs but maybe since only 4 were ready to trigger, they could be better quality than usual?? Normally I have a ton of them but they are all crappy quality. Aaaah well, I guess I just have to wait and see but I was hoping someone would have a miracle story to share :slight_smile: Thanks ladies!


My co-worker went to the same clinic I did. Not sure how many IVF cycles she did, but her RE finally told her that her eggs just did not like or respond well to the stim process. I don’t believe quantity was ever an issue. She was 39 and had undiagnosed infertility. He suggested she go back to IUI. She thought it was a ridiculous non-explanatory suggestion, but went ahead with one round while she looked into other clinics. She got pregnant with that IUI and is now 28 weeks along. There was also someone on my forum that had to cancel ER (I forget why, maybe understimulation) but went ahead with an IUI. To the best of my memory, she also got pregnant. Best of luck.


Successful story !

Hi there. Well, I didn’t do an IUI - we went for timed :dance: , which arguably has even lower odds and it worked out for us on our 2nd try. I don’t post much (I love to lurk) but since your story seems similar to mine I thought you could use some positive encouragement.

I like you have PCOS - quite a serious case of it too in that I have tons of follies. I just have no symptoms of the syndrome (other than no cycle) - not overweight, etc.

When I was living in the US, I went through a few cycles of clomid - they discovered I was resistant. I then went directly on to injectables, but got a BFN every time (although we only tried for 3 cycles). I moved onto IVF and I had very very long stimulation cycles because I was very sensitive to medication and they were worried about OHSS. One cycle was over 30 days of stims! Anyway, I did 2 rounds of IVF - which resulted in something like 16 eggs retrieved the first time and 22 the second. In both cases, almost all fertilized but only 1-2 made it to blast. Not the best quality blasts but they were ok (AB or BB I think). In the end, both resulted in :bfn: and I had NO embryos left to freeze. Like you I started wondering about egg quality because how come I had so many eggs retrieved and then 6dpt they all had arrested development? I was really worried.

Looking back now, I wonder if the long stimulation cycles impacted egg quality. Who knows. In the end, I took a break and we ended up moving to Europe.

When I saw a new RE in Europe, we had to start again from scratch, because she felt we had moved too quickly in the US (and I honestly believe that is probably true). We tried clomid again, which didn’t work. Rather than move on to injectables, she suggested an ovarian drilling. I had one of the pioneers in the field do my surgery (he invented the procedure) and it was not very invasive (no cutting involved). They said to wait 6 months and see what happens. So I waited and I did get somewhat of a cycle back (yay!). But after 6 months, still no :bfp: so I went back to my RE. She said it was time to start injectables again.

One of things I noticed this time around was that i was even more sensitive to the medication than before! While before I could go up to 150iu of follistim, this time I was on a dose of 50-75iu and it was more than enough. But happily my stim cycle was much shorter! I was on meds for less than 3 weeks, which for me is super short. Anyway, I did an HCG trigger and timed :dance: and the first cycle I had about 4-5 mature follies. A little too many for a non-IVF cycle but we went ahead anyway. This resulted in a BFN. So we tried again on day 1 and the second cycle was very similar but resulted in 2 nice follies at trigger. Unbelievably, 2 weeks later I got my first ever BFP !! I had a hard time believing it at first and the only reason I tested was because when I am stimming, my AF normally comes a little early. I went in for a beta and it was 106 at 14dpo.

I am now almost 20 weeks pregnant and expecting a baby girl in April. I don’t post much - perhaps because I don’t want to jinx it. It took me 3 years to get here. But if I knew then what I knew now, I would definitely not have been so quick to rush into IVF.

I am not sure if drilling is a possibility for you but you should definitely ask about you. You are just on the cusp of the age they like to do it (35 and younger) because you get the best results that way, but it is definitely worth a shot.

I asked my doctors what they thought and both my RE and OB think that the drilling DEF had an influence on my ability to get pregnant, even if I needed the stims to achieve the pregnancy.

Hope this story helps!


I was going to go to IUI, but because of my AMH level the RE said I have to do IVF again… Did they test your AMH? I have one round of IVF covered and we are doing it in January…