Any IUIs Nov 16-21?


Hi, Im back for another IUI. It should be between the 17-20. just wanted to see if I could find some cycle buddies :slight_smile:


Hi Md08,

I expect my IUI will be around the 16th/17th, so will be around the same time. Good luck!


I expect mine to be around November 21-24! GL to both of you!


I expect mine to be around Nov. 19th. Good luck to all.

SassyGurl, I remember you from Sept. board.


Mine should be either just before or just after thanksgiving. I will know better after my visit next Wednesday here’s to hoping my third times a charm.


Nmom - thanks, I remember you too! Hopefully Nov will be a better month for both of us :slight_smile:


Hi Ladies. I wish all of you success. Hopefully this will be our month and we can move over to the due date board together. I am going to try not to obsess as much over this sysle as I did last cycle. We will not be trying anymore fertility treatments as insurance covers 0% and we have already spent 25k :frowning: so this is our final shot. :pray:


Hi ladies,

just waiting for AF to show up, so I can start this cycle. Will be doing a 3rd IUI, around the 20th or so.

lets all get a :bfp:


Just a thought, has your DH tried acupuncture for his sperm, medical doctors wont admit it, but acupuncture will increase his sperm count and motility. Also look into MACA, as well a L- CARNATINE, L- ARGINIE (sp) and Coq10, all these viatamins helped my dh, his sperm last IUI was 75 million after post was and 100% motility. Medical doctors dont beleive or have any hope for natural medicine. Acupuncture 20 minutes after and before iVF help, some will come to your clinic.


Thanks for the advice. We did 6mths of the vitamins. He has severely fragmented sperm and almost all have 2 heads or 2 tails so its medically impossible for them to penetrate an egg. The odds of miscarraige are extremely high due dna frag so unfortunatly DS is our option but we are very comfotable with it now :slight_smile:


that is great… Keep us posted sending you lots of hugs and luck:cheer:


Just checking in with my November IUI gals. Thinking the absolute best for each and every one of us. I know it’s probably hard to have to go through a treatment over the Thanksgiving holiday, but I’m glad we have each other for support!


[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]I’m a bit a head of you ladies. I’m hoping for an IUI next Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. This is my first treatment cycle in 2 months. I’m really hoping it’s a good one. Good luck ladies!

I’ll be :cross: & :pray: for all of us!
:babydust: :bsv: :babydust: to us all!


I’m waiting for AF to show up and then I’ll be onto my 3rd IUI. So I think my IUI will be on the 19th or somewhere around there. So I’m right there with many of you. :babydust: and :cross: that this month works for us!


I’ll be in this month as well, right around the 22nd.


May try this cocktail for your DH it may help his sperm shapes. It did my dh. My Dh sperms was at 98% not normal. So I put him on this cocktail.

[FONT=Times New Roman]Oneaday for men
Vitamin C-1000 with Rose Hips 2x a day
1000 mg fishoil with Co-Enzyme Q-10 30 Mg 2x a day.
Acetyl L-Carnitine 250mg 2x a day.[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]Alpha Lipoci Acid 100mg [/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]L-Carnitine 500mg 2 x a day[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]L-Arginine 500mg 1x a day [/FONT]

Just don’t use no herbs as herbs can do harm to sperm. When my dh was taking clomid an had him on fertilaid for men it messed up his sperm big time. So I took him off the fertilaid for men. Then put him on that cocktail an it helped his sperm greatly.

Good Luck. :babydust:


Thank you. Thats interresting that you said that about the fertile aid. We did fertility blend for men, l caratin and mutivitamin and my DH count went from 6mil, 2% morph to ONLY 1k and 0 morph. We were shocked. Im happy it worked for you. We will try your coctail if this round doesnt work!


hi ladies… just waiting for AF to show and start mz 3rd cycle of injections. I think I may trigger around the 21st…

Good luck to all!!!


Hi ladies,

I am new to this, but this month will be my 3rd IUI. Guessing around the 20th. I would love to follow everyones success for this month.

Me 34: Unexplained infertility, everything normal
DH 32: Normal

TTC 15 months

IUI#1- Sept

Clomid 100mg
2 Follies- 18, 17
HCG Trigger

IUI#2 + Accupuncture- Oct

Clomid 100mg
4 Follies- 19, 14, 13, 10
HCG Trigger

IUI#3 + Accupuncture

11/8- 3rd day US
Clomid 100 mg
11/17- day 12 US



Just checking in to see how everyones doing. I have not had a positive opk yet but Im expecting it tomorrow. We are unmonitored so not sure how many follicles I have but I think a few bc my ovaries are actually sore. This didnt happen last mth but it did happen around the time I had my 1st u/s when doing the IVF. I had 6 at that time…:cross: so hoping this will work this cycle for all of us