Any IVF Trials??


Somebody gave me the idea to look into getting involved into a IVF trial. Does anyone know of any? It seems what I’ve read there are strict criterias like not having more than one IVF cycle failure. Any info would be much appreciated!! Thanks.


But there are lots of others out there! You can do some searching here: Home - but hopefully some others will chime in with more options. :)[/quote]

That’s the best way I know to find them.

One could call their local clinics. Many trials are not registered on that website.

Free IVF is very hard to find. Most trials are not free like the one you were in, but instead offer some free medication or a cycle price discount, or sometimes a gift card. In exchange they might have you vary your IVF methodology, complete a questionnaire, keep a diary, or give an extra blood sample or two.

Many clinics have multiple studies underway simultaneously.


Thanks so much for the website. I’ve been looking through them and it seems I’m either too young or have too many failures. I’ll keep looking though, thanks again!