Any Lovenox Ladies Out There?


Just looking to connect with any other ladies on here who have been prescribed Lovenox or heparin due to APS.


Hi cmhudson07~

I am on Levenox too, but mine is for Factor V Leiden. I have been on it since 3 wks and so far so good! how are you?


Nice to meet you!!! Congrats on your little boy!

Several years ago, I was diagnosed as having Lupus Anticoagulant antibodies (a form of APS). I don’t have a history of blood clots or miscarriage, but because of that random test, we began baby aspirin before ttc and added the Lovenox at 6 weeks). Physically, I’m good. Very little bruising from the injections. All u/s look good so far. Emotionally, though, I’m scared of losing the baby.

My last appt with the RE is next week (woo hoo!), then on to a high risk OB. Just keeping my fingers and toes crossed that everything continues to go well.


I’m still waiting on the rest of my labs to come in, but either way my RE is putting me on heparin for this next cycle. A little nervous about the whole thing.