Any NOT poas during 2ww and wait for beta?


I am having my second FET on Jan 30th and DH is thinking we really should wait for the beta so I do not freak out if I do not get a + on a hpt. I had DD by my first FET. Anyone wait for the beta and not POAS. I would really like to go this way so I do not stress myself. TIA


I didn’t POAS w/my first IVF, which resulted in my DS. I don’t know if it was any less stressful or not. But with my first beta being what it was, HPT would probalby have been :bfn: anyway.

My first FET, I POAS at 8dp5dt, and got a :bfp: , because I started having some queasiness like I experienced w/DS. I then drove myself nuts POAS everyday until my first beta and comparing the darkness of the lines from one day to the next. I did end up having a chemical, so maybe the lines really were getting lighter like I thought. Since my first beta on this next cycle really will only be 10dp5dt, I’ll probably hold out until the blood test.

Who knows though? This time next week, I could be itching to know something. It’s so crazy!


My first IVF I POAS before beta and was devastated when I got a :bfn: . So My second IVF, I did great and waited all the way until beta and it was :bfp: . I was shocked and super excited. That one didnt stick tho :frowning:


Thank you ladies for the response. I think I am going to do everything in my will to wait for the beta. If I get bad news I would rather just hear it, then keep trying to look for “faint lines” on a hpt. If it is postive that will be even better :pray: I am going to have to keep myself really busy lol and DH is taking the day off so either way I have some support and am not home overthinking. DD always keeps me pretty business. I cant wait till Jan 30th!!!


I POAS the morning of beta with both my successes - I figured the doctor was in control of so much I wanted to at least get the experience of taking an hpt. With all of my negatives I POASd starting a few days earlier and ended up stressing for those days. You know what would be best for you!



I definitely say wait if u can. I am not going to pos next time.I just had my first FET Nov 16(i think u responded to my post about it actually) Got a BFP 5dp5dt, first beta looked great, and doc confirmed pregnancy. Then second and third beta declined. That cycle ended in a chem pregnancy. Looking back i wish i never tested at home, that way i wouldnt have known i was pregnant all week and gotten my hopes up, just to have it end in disapointment with the second beta. But looks like we will be having FET around the same time, our Fet #2 will be mid January too i think :slight_smile: BEST WISHES TO YOU FOR YOU FET!!


I tested for both my fresh and frozen cycle. Both were negative and I have to say that looking back, it totally sucked knowing that it was over before things ever really got started. With this next cycle I have vowed not to poas! I don’t have any tests in the house so I won’t be tempted and once we start our 2ww I will avoid these boards until we do our beta. Seeing other ladies testing will only make me want to also…I will cave, haha!


Thank you ladies, I think I am going to force my self to not test. Yay I have a test non poas buddy. Lol we can both hold out and make it! Sorry about your chemical, I have had a chemical and m/c and it was very tough. We need to be positive and I pray we all get bfp!!!


i pray we all get bfps too!! :pray:


I waited till the beta and I am glad I did it. When I got the negative result I was sad and upset and it was a horrible day, but it was only one day of horrible news. I didn’t POAS and see a negative which would make that day horrible and then another horrible day when the doctor actually told me it was negative. This happened with every IUI I did and took a test that was negative and then the day AF actually showed up. Two days of horrible.

When I got the positive it was the best day EVER and it was wonderful to share that with my RE who called and worked so hard to get me there. I didn’t have any tests in the house so that made holding out easier. I also was reading on the boards of girls who got positives and then obsessed about weither it was real, if it was their trigger, was the line dark enough, was it lighter then the day before and then they took one every day to keep making sure. I think that would drive me up the wall more than just not knowing and keeping hope that it is positive. If you can’t trust the result why take the test.

Good luck to you and I hope that you finally get for positive and a healthy baby.


It totally makes sense to me that waiting until beta is the best way to go…I just can’t do it! I have no self control when it comes to information.


You and me both. I have no self control at all. I go for my beta tomorrow, however, I have been testing all week and it has been negative. For me, the higher my hopes are, the further I fall when it’s negative. If that makes sense. Knowing ahead of time helps lessen the blow a bit for me mentally. This whole things just sucks for all of us!:grouphug:


Everyone is different with my first FET I test 4dp5dt and it was positive and this time I think I want to wait because I believe I have a greater chance at it being bfn (breastfeeding and transferring one one embie) so I would rather not know till they confirm it. I am the most anxious person ever, so if I do not get a postive I would be so confused. But I am trying to remain positive


I would love to take a HPT during my 2WW, but the husband always convinces me it’ll make it worse either way. We just wait for the beta as to not get our hopes too high or too low! Good luck!