Any one try soy iso's to Ovulate or had any luck with DHEA with a high FSH?


So depressed, 39 and got my lab results back FSH is 17.5 5 days into my cycle and I have not ovulated Per OPK the last cycle. I have been reading a little on Soy Isoflavones that they can help you ovulate. Any one had any experience with this or tried it? Any one had any luck??? Also read some on DHEA as well, not sure if you can take them both at the same time but thinking about trying them out next cycle. Any one out there have any advice or experience??


Just finished reading great book on how to prompt your body to ovulate again and treat anovulatory cycles using natural progesterone cream. The book was by Dr. Lee, What your Doctor May Not tell you About Premenopause (bad title, very good book). He describes why we have anovulatory cycles earlier and earlier in reproductive life - hint: we are exposed to ubiquitous estrogenic compounds through all sorts of modern chemicals, and most women exhibit estrogen dominance as a result. The progesterone balances out estrogen dominance.
Anyhow I’ve read from Dr. Lee’s book and another organic/natural book The Brighton Baby that men and women should never eat soy when TTC. Soy is an estrogenic compound and the vast majority of it is GMO as well.


As for the DHEA, I need to read more about that too - but technically it’s considered adrenal support. Some people on this forum take the DHEA.


Hi Net6 - I have been taking DHEA (and a few other supplements in my signature) not necessarily to reduce my FSH, but to improve my egg quality. However, in under 2 months on supplements my FSH has dropped a little bit. I have heard that the DHEA and some of the other supplements can do that, so not sure if this is really a result of it or of something else, but it does supposedly increase your follicle count when cycling if that is your ultimate goal. Good luck to you and hang in there!