Any other chromosomal issues at 40?


I have been told by my ER that I shouldn’t try a 4th IVF round because I have had 42 eggs retrieved this year and they have not been good. I did get pregnant at round #1 and it seems my egg quality has diminished in 9 months. It is my age I’m sure - I have a high egg count, and not one good egg - bad odds…

Has anyone else been through this and done anything about it? Second opinion or supplements?


Have you done the same protocol each time?


yes same protocol, aggressive too and eggs matured faster the last 2 times. No problem making follicles - just not healthy ones.


I’m having very similar issues right now. All I can say is that my 1st 3 ivf cycles were at another re and my egg quality was very poor. But the old re had poor stats and looking back at it now a very poor lab. Yet 2 people I know are pregnant from the old re… But they are younger! My new re did a different protocol my eggs looked much better… But still not pregnant. I’m trying one last round in January after a short break and many supplements. I don’t know what to do next either. Have you done any pgd or ccs testing?


Im not sure what PGD or CCS testing is, I did have the full 25 blood tests to look at chromosomal imbalances. I did have one small problem with absorbtion of Folic Acid, B6, B12 and they prescribed FABB tabs as a “cure”. I have been on them for 6 months.

I have read that Reservatol, pycnogonal, COQ10 will help with chromosone splitting/generation? I have also read that your eggs are “in the hopper” for a year before those eggs are in ovulation. So, have you heard success about supplements helping?

I can’t believe you had 28 eggs at 40! I had 15 this time and that was a lot - I wonder if its a trend to have a lot of eggs but questionable quality. I would like to have mine tested, but it’s $5,000!


I was diagnosed with a chromosome translocation after 2nd pg ended at 20 weeks. I tried pgd twice, first time 10 eggs all bad and 2nd time 15 eggs all bad. I have no problem getting pg, it is having a healthy baby because of this my odds r at 11%. Have u had genetic testing done for u or DH? It was a shock to me since DD was born no problems. My only hope now is DE but after having bio child will I feel the same?


Yes, I did have genetic testing. DH has 3 healthy children so it’s not him. The only thing that came back was that I was not absorbing B12, B6 and folic acid like I should and a pill fixed it. I am guessing I just have low egg quality due to age. It’s pretty discouraging.


Broodmare- I think they are referring to genetic testing of the embryos, rather than you or DH. As your eggs get older, they become more abnormal. You could try testing them, but based on your signature, it looks like they do not progress far enough to test them. I hate to say it, but have you considered donor eggs? You could use DH’s sperm and still carry the child. It would likely work though…