Any single women using donor egg and sperm?


I am a single 46 year old woman. I did 3 failed IVF’s (had one chemical pregnancy) and I am now considering donor egg ivf. When I first started the process I knew that this was something I needed to consider (due to my age) and initially had positive thoughts about it. But now that it is my only option I am having second thoughts. Since I am doing this on my own, the financial implications are huge and I worry about how I will feel about the baby–since it will be conceived with both donor egg and sperm. I would love to talk to anyone who has been through this process. Thanks and good luck.


ams- There are several single gals on the boards, both on the DE IVF II thread and the Singles trying to conceive thread. We welcome you to join either group or both!

To get to the DE IVF thread- go to infertility treatment, then donor issues, then find the DE IVF II thread.

To get to the Singles thread- go to the Relationships and taking care of you main link, then talking to others, then find singles trying to conceive.

I definitely think it’s worth a shot, and many clinics offer a split/shared cycle that allow you to share the cost with another recipient, for a lesser cost than a cycle all for you.

I have also found due to medical issues, there are married people also using both DE & DS, so it’s not just singles!

Feel free to check out the other threads for more information and support! :slight_smile:


I’m a single mother through embryo donation. It didn’t make sense financially to pay for a donor egg cycle when donor embies are basically the same thing. And the donated embryo came from a couple that used a donor egg. Although I grieved at the thought of not having a child that was biologically related to me, I am totally blessed to have had my boy through embryo donation. In hindsight, it seems as though God was saving me the perfect child for me and now I could not imagine life without him.

As Godiva (Steph) pointed out, there is a thread for single women TTC, and we are both on it. There are several of us who have become mothers through embryo donation.

Best of luck on this journey. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.



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