Any success after 5 iui's


I have had 5 iui’s. All BFN. My hsg came back and my tubes are open. Dh swimmers look good. Anyone have a BFP after 5 iui’s ? Just curious.


Hi, Kisses. I just had my third IUI and am currently doing the tww. I have seen people with success after 5. Have you discussed your concerns with your dr? There are other tests/treatments that can be done to get over other hurdles beside sperm count.


There are many chances after successive IUI failures. There are many cases that got success after failure of 15 IVFs also. Here is the story
After the failure of continuous 15 IVF cycles, a baby born in New Delhi for Mrs. Bhatia and it becomes a miracle in the medical history of India. Scientifically, there are no chances of getting pregnancy after 10 IVF failures. The lady admits that she had totally lost hope of having a child after continuous IVF failures and she felt critical mental stress at the time of failures. Finally her dream of motherhood is realized at Gaudium IVF center, Delhi.
Throughout these 15 IVF cycles which brought only depression, Mr. & Mrs. Bhatia collectively spent lacs of rupees and almost 500 days of life. PCOD with tubal blockage is the problem diagnosed in her as an infertility cause and the couple waited for 15 years through a natural cycle and medical prescription.
The experts at Gaudium IVF centre have analysed her case and determined her case as a recurrent implantation failure. They determined the reasons for failure as the mother is a diabetic and hypertensive patient, as a result the healthy embryos were failing to implant in the IVF cycle. IVF specialist Dr. Manika Khanna, Director, Gaudium IVF, IVF clinic chains India, handled the case with impartial protocols to deal both the RIF factors and medical condition of the patient so as to direct a successful IVF cycle.