any success building lining after it starts shrinking??


I also posted this on the IVF thread, but I figured I’d post here too since my question involves an FET…

I was supposed to have my FET this Friday (11/12) but my lining was only a 7mm on 11/05, though it was trilaminar. They increased my estrogen and I went back in for an u/s this morning (11/10), and now my lining is a 6.7mm and is no longer trilaminar. :grr:

Is it possible that my lining could still increase with more meds and that I could have a successful transfer? I am wondering if anyone has had any experience like this that has turned out to be positive? i.e., have you gone through a similar situation, had more meds added, had your lining plump up and had a successful transfer? If so, what meds did they add?

I don’t know if the doc is going to just suggest cancelling me or if there is a possibility that this could still work out? :pray: I really don’t want to have to start over and wait until January for my FET!

any/all responses with similar experience are welcomed and appreciated!


I had a similar story. My lining was 9.1 at my local clinic, but shrank to 7.5 at the clinic where my FET was set to happen. They said it was due to difference in calibration of the machines, but honestly, I’ve seen a lot of women have shrinking linings once they start estrace/progesterone. I would add one low dose (baby) aspirin per day to increase blood flow to the uterus. Keep your feet warm, adn consider acupuncture as well. I did all of these things and even though my lining was shrinking, I still got a :bfp: !!
Good luck!


Progestrone starts to shrink your lining once you start taking it. That’s why they try to get it a little on the thicker side before they start Progestrone.


Hi ladies

thanks for your responses. I am already taking baby aspirin, estrace and vivelle dot patches, and I have been doing acupuncture for a while now. I guess I was hoping someone might have a really encouraging story, perhaps having used viagra suppositories or some other med that helped plump up the lining?

baby dust to all! :babydust:


adl524-although I have never had my lining shrink, mine just refused to grow. During my ivf it only got to 7mm, I got a bfp but shortly after that lost it. For my fet I was on a ton of estrogen (levels were super high) and we even tired viagra (didn’t work for me). My lining only got to 5.5mm but I got a bfp anyway and now I’m almost 13 wks. Hoping it turns out the same for you, good luck!


tanner - I think I used to see you on the CCRM board. is that right? Did you have a transfer there with a 5.5mm lining? I am waiting to hear back from my nurse today. I don’t know if Dr. Sc is going to cancel me or see if we can still build my lining next week?

I’m not even sure which is better - to start over and have FET in January or to try to remedy my current situation?


adl524-you are correct, I had both my ivf and fet done at ccrm. They think with me my lining never gets big and it’s normal for me. So with this fet dr. sch transferred when my lining was 5.5mm. I though for sure it wouldn’t work but I’m happy to report I was wrong. Have you had thicker linings before? Best of luck whatever you and the doc decide.


tanner - thanks for your response. i am still waiting to hear back from my CCRM nurse. My lining has always been an 8 or slightly higher (for my IUI, ER and FET). I don’t know what’s going on with me. I had a D&E in June and then I had to have an operative hysteroscopy in September to remove retained placental tissue - perhaps those procedures have contributed to this problem?

I’m surprised that Dr. Sch transferred with a 5.5, but really happy to hear that it worked!! Thanks so much for the info. Best of luck to you for a H&H 9 months!


I haven’t even started stims for my first cycle yet, so I’m not speaking from experience on FETs, but I’m like tannertk and just seem to have a thinner lining, based on my 2 pregnancies this year. The first one, I had such heavy implantation bleeding we thought it was my period, so I went in for my start of cycle US and bloodwork. My lining was 1-4 mm thick (most of it around 2), but I ended up being pregnant! The second time it was about 5.5 at the time I triggered for IUI. Neither of those pregnancies worked out, but the implantation part went just fine.