Any success stories on IVF + PGD + Gender Selection in Thai


[h=2]Any success stories on IVF + PGD + Gender Selection in Thai[/h]
Hi All,
I posted the same query in IVF forum. but i think many people could not reply to this question. Even i myself could not add comments to my own post.
So i am posting the same here as well.

I am a new member to this community. i am 30 and have one baby girl already.

My AMH level came down to 1.8, we tried to conceive for few months without success.

Planning to have second baby now through IVF + Gender selection in Thailand since we would like to have one son since we already have lovable princess.

Have anyone tried IVF + GS in Thailand?

Could you please suggest me good hospital/clinic from which i can this treatment?

if i take IVF and come by flight for 3+ hours, whether the chances of conception will be reduced?

I request all of you to pour your inputs and help me on this.

Thanks in Advance for your help.