Any success stories with very low beta?


I know its extremely unlikely but I was just hoping for some success stories with very low betas? I have had a positive HPT since 5dp5dt, they didnt ever really get darker, sometimes it would be lighter and then darker the next day. Anyway my first beta came in at 7. The only small tiny bit of hope I have is that I had a sharp twinge on 7dp5dt. Maybe it could have been a really late implanter, and I possibly lost the twin that had implanted earlier? I dont know… Im feeling hopeless.


A beta of 7 is very low. Might be a chemical pg. I will look out for your updates tomorrow. Best wishes!


I know it’s low! That’s why I posted asking for support. Telling me it’s a chemical is NOT helpful.


jennie5630’s first beta was 7. I can’t remember her doubling rates, but it was a bit of a long rollercoaster ride. Unfortunately, she developed preeclampsia and had to deliver her sweet baby boy last month super early (I think 25 weeks), but they’re both doing great! And in no way was her preeclampsia related to her early beta numbers. Good luck!!!


I’m sorry it wasnt helpful. I was just trying to be honest with you. I truely hope you have better news today.


Thanks! I have followed you since my first IVF. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your baby girl. Unfortunately this pregnancy also ended in a loss. But thank you so much for the positive story. Good luck to you on your next round!


I’m so sorry, knpoduch.