Any successful story out there with IUI having low AMH?



I am 37 years old, I just got the results from my dr and he said I have a low AMH 0.46. FHS 7.7 We are going to try first IUI, if it doesnt work then we will go for IVF but it is so expensive:eek: I would like to know if there are any successful stories out there, I would like to have some hopes that it could work although my dr said that I have less than 10% changes. Please share your stories


Well I’m 35 and my amh was 1.2 and I think I just got a :bfp: …a few more days will tell me for sure…

Iui only has about a 6-20% success rate anyway, depending on who you ask, so I wouldn’t rule yourself out. My RE put me on DHEA & Vitamin D for my AMH, don’t yet know if it’s made a difference. As far as I know amh just measures how many eggs are in your ovarian reseve, that # should go down as we get older, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant…:cross:


Congratulations on your BFP!!! Crossing my fingers for you. Thanks for your response! it helps me a lot and give me some hopes. I wish I could post soon that I got a BFP too =)


I found out last month that I have a low AMH (0.25 :confused:). I did IUI this month (4/17). :cross: that this works otherwise we are on to IVF. My RE strongly recommended IVF as soon as possible, but said that we could try IUI a couple of time. He also said that given my situation, IUI only had a bout a 5% chance of working. If this doens’t work, we will start IVF in May/June. Our clinic requires that you take an IVF class prior to starting.

On a better note, I did get preggo on my own with my DS (he is 2). So, I seriously doubt my AMH was much higher when that happened.

:cross: and good luck to you!!!


Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing your story =) thats really awesome, hope I have the same luck. I have decided to start taking different vitamins that I have seen other people took and it worked for them, not sure why my RE didn’t recommend to take any before we any treatment. I really hope that increases my chances to get pregnant on my own or with IUI, crossing fingers