Any suggestions/thoughts for me


So, here it is, ill try and get thru this quickly… i tend to ramble lol!!!

1 bio son got PG @ 17 got married at 18, TTC for 2 years @ age 23. Diagnosed with high fsh @ 24. Hubby had 0% morphology. I had a small fibroid that was removed. RE didnt make anything of it really. So we did one IVF, was on 600 Follistim/day + some other stuff i cant remember. ANyways, we transfered 3 day 3 embies and it was a :bfn: We had no frosties.

We took the last of our money and borrowed some from MIL to fund our adoption. We have a wonderful little boy whos about to turn one in few days.!!! We are so blessed!!!

I wanted to try donor embies because i really want to be pregnant adn breastfeed over adopting again. So i went in for an ultrasound to check to see if my uterus was okay. So, i had a consult a few days ago with the surgical guy/OB. He said i had a huge submucousal fibroid that was taking up about 3/4 of my uterus!!! I was shocked!! So, he referred me to our old RE for him to take it out cuz he didnt want to touch it. Well, so i have a new patient consult in a few weeks and im confused on what to do. I have heard that taking the fibroid out and cause alot of scarring as to where an embie couldnt implant, and ive heard of people shrinking them with lupron, but as soon as you stop the lupron, they start growing again. There is a new procedure that causes less scaring i think but there arent any clinics around me that do it.

I would totally be willing to do a donor cycle but with my uterus being the way it is, i dont know if that is a smart idea. I want to have it taken out because its causing me some issues and will only get bigger but a few people i have spoke to on here have said its a huge risk to have them taken out because of the scarring issue. Living in WI i dont feel like i have world class fertility clinics around me or even in surrounding states. And i think that a larger clinic or better clinic would know how to treat this or at least beable to give me a good idea as to if a donor cycle would even be a good idea or not.
Any suggestions on where to go or if there are any docs whom specialize in this sorta thing?? I would be wililng to travel if they say they can help me. Im also worried that we only have about 15-20K max to spend. so, we need to decide if a donor cycle is feasible for taht and a good chance at pregnancy, or if we should just go the route we went before and choose adoption because its a forsure thing and we did have a great experience the first time around.
I really have the desire to be pregnant but i am also very realistic that once this money is gone, thats it… there is no more and we will not be having or adopting more children after that. So i want to do whats wise also. just trying to figure out what that is.

It scares me when i hear people’s stories about how the donor had bad eggs, or screwed up meds, or whatnot. Im assuming you still have to pay…??? We just dont have the finances to do more than a cycle, if we can even find one for less than 20K!! Thanks in advance for the suggestions/advice. _Rach


Hi rd200

I’ve read your story and I’m very sorry to you.
If you even can’t get pregnant, you have a chance to have a babby due to egg donation and surrogacy. That’s of course very frustrating! And if you have less money, you can try to find your donor abroad. I decided to look for my donor in Ukraine. All procedures cost there much less! My Patient Coordinator told all donors are screened and invastegated by the doctors. I’m in a contact now with this agency Successful Parents I think they can help you.