Any suggestions?


I spoke with the nurse at my RE’s office about stopping pio at five weeks. She said my body is making progesterone on its own at this point but if it made me feel better I could keep taking it. Should I just trust my RE or take it to be safe? Could this negatively effect my pregnancy if I keep taking it?


My RE suggested I take it until 13 weeks along. He never checked progesterone levels either, it was just part of their protocol.

If it really bothers you, keep taking it and suggest they do a progesterone level just to be on the safe side. If you have plenty of vials I’d say keep up with the daily dose, it’s not going to hurt.


I think I will. Thank you for the advice


The medical evidence is that after the first two weeks progesterone supplementation does not result in higher live birth rates. Stopping the supplements may result in earlier miscarriages (but the same number) and thus can present a malpractice problem, since most women think stopping progesterone early caused a miscarriage when in reality it would have happened anyway (post hoc ergo propter hoc). I was actually trying to stop mine earlier, but the re objected, so we settled for a lower dose.