Any tips for Taking a break?


2nd iui was a bfn! so annoyed and frusterated! dr is on vacation next week so he wont let me start meds so basically im out this month. started af yesterday. any tips for doing it on my own this month? certain days to go for? certain ovulation predictor kits to try or anything???


Invest in a ton of OPKs, and start BD on CD 9…every single day until you get a + OPK and then for 3 days after. That’s my advice…

I found a 50 pack on Amazon and for the 1st 2 months tested side by side with more expensive Clearblues. Same results, and ultra cheap.


also - because I have so many tests, and they’re so cheap, I test once between 10-noon (2nd time peeing for the day) and once at 8 pm…so I’m sure to see the LH surge as soon as it happens.


My best advice is to do the clear blue easy digital ovulation test. While they are $$ they are so much better than a line test. They give a :slight_smile: for a positive and a O for a neg. Super easy.

Also, maybe try the sperm meet egg plan. Sperm Meets Egg Plan I’ve seen a lot of girls have success with this. You never know you could be a lucky one also. We’re doing this on our break months while we wait to TTC again after all our losses.


ive mever use ovulation kits… how do they work? what day do you start?


[QUOTE=lbzg]ive mever use ovulation kits… how do they work? what day do you start?[/QUOTE]

They basically will pop positive when your body is producing the Lh hormone to let ovulation happen. When you get a positive you have 24-48 hours before ovulation. Its to basically tell people when to do the deed. Some people start them early like cd8 or cd10. I start on CD10 because i know around when my ovulation will happen. But one thing to know is even if you get a positive opk that doesn’t mean you ovulated. It just means your body produced the hormone.

Sometimes its best to just do the deed every other day for the whole cycle (yes gets old fast) to cover all their bases. But the sperm meet egg plan is VERY good.


so it could be positive but possibly i didnt ovulate?


[QUOTE=lbzg]so it could be positive but possibly i didnt ovulate?[/QUOTE]

It doesn’t happen a lot but yes. The ovulation sticks only tell you that your body is trying to ovulate, not that ovulation has happened. Charting your BBT will tell you that along with bloodwork done at 7 days post ovulation.


hmm and how do you chart w bbt?


[QUOTE=lbzg]hmm and how do you chart w bbt?[/QUOTE]

Here are some links you can read up on it. Its super easy once you get the hang of it. I’ve been doing it since 2004. How to Chart Your Basal Body Temperature | Getting Pregnant | Trying to Conceive[/url] You can join [url=]Ovulation Calendar and Ovulation Chart - Fertility Charting and take the charting course they offer. It will help you learn so much about your body. I can’t believe how much i learned about my body once i started charting. I think this should be taught in school!