Anybody doing a June 2013 FET?


Hi everybody,

I’m reasonably new to this forum but looking forward to connecting with other people going through similar issues. This process is so challenging and isolating, it feels comforting to be here…

My DH and I are doing our first FET early in June. We had our first failed fresh embryo transfer in April.

We decided, upon talking to our RE to go w/ a FET cycle w/ Lupron injections b/c I tend to have unpredictable cycles and I’ve broken thru on BCP before. But this process takes about 6 weeks, which seems like such a long time! I’ve started the Lupron injections, but we hit a road block this past Thursday, when the RE noticed what he though was a recruited follicle, so we may have to delay our FET a bit until this issue can be resolved. I’ll know more after blood work Monday.

Has anyone else had issues w/ Lupron with a FET? Anyone else out there doing an FET in June?

I wish all of u ladies the best on each of your journeys.


Hi All, I found the other thread for June FETers, so ignore this one. I’m new to this whole forum thing, but learning as I go.

Good luck to all of you out there!