anybody else have iui on 10/22 or 10/23??


if so, have you tested yet? waiting it out? having any symptoms? let’s dish!

i had IUI on 10/23. we were told this was a failed cycle but ended up having 5 follies. RE wouldn 't let me trigger, but i DID ovulate spontaneously!!!

already having strange symptoms: nausea every morning, bloated, cramping all day yesterday, hungry for ONLY spinach dip (eating it by the carton)…severe dizziness in the mornings.

could be nothing, but hoping it is!!!


I also had my IUI on 10/22 and am not feeling much either. Like Brooke, I’ve had some slightly sore bbs and a few twinges and I did have cramping for a few days after IUI. I don’t know what it means, though, because, for me, every cycle is different. I’ve had cycles with no symptoms and cycles with sore boobs, nausea, cravings, etc. and all have been negative. My beta is on Friday, so I’m probably going to wait until then or POAS that morning. Good luck to both of you!!


I also had my iui on 10/22. I really don’t have any symptoms either. I thought I was feeling a little nausea and tired, but it seems more like indigestion and side effects from the prometrium. Because of the nausea I tested and :bfn: . And since I tested the nausea went away, probably just stress. Trying to remain optimistic.


IUI on the 23rd and ive been having some of those symtopms nausea, bloated and dizziness but that was it i was spotting yesterday which freaked me out Ive been having mild pain on and off everyday since the IUI like AF is on its way. I really hope its not :cross: for all you ladies!


well buddies, i broke down and did a POAS home test doday…12 dpiui and it was a BFN…i’m sure that by now it’s pretty accurate. i am due for AF tomorrow or saturday, but i’m taking progesterone so it won’t arrive until i stop the progesterone.

i’m due for a beta tomorrow and still going to do it, just in case. RE wants to be sure of a complete negative, including chemical pregnancy.

i’m still holding out a little bit of hope for myself, but being realistic as well. i pray for each of you…i may take Nov off due to a big cyst on my right ovary that RE wants to shrink first, but he also told me that injectables will effect it less than the clomid, so hopefully it’s small enough to go ahead with Gonal F this month.

Onward…i’ll post beta results tomorrow on this thread. praying for us all!!! -a-