Anybody ever tried ICI? What are your opinions about it?


Hello, I just failed with IUI and I can’t afford anymore traveling and costs of IUI. I know it’s not a high cost comparing to IVF, but in our case it’s. I have no more vials for iui anyway, but it seems like my donor offered more vials so I can order more. I’m just not sure if it makes sense to even try ICI. Any opinion on this topic? I couldn’t find any threads, so I started this one.


well an ICI gives you the same chances of two fertile people BD’ing…so if you want another baby and can afford the chance I don’t see why not try. With nothing wrong with you, it could work.

Just a side note. the only different between an ICI vial and an IUI vial is that the IUI vial has been wahsed. Many clinics wash the vials prior to an IUI regardless of how they get a vial (mine did this). So back when I was doing IUIs I was buying ICI vials because they were cheaper, then my clinic washed the swimmers as part of the charge of the IUI.

Good luck!!


I would buy a few ICI vials and do it at home. You can do the ICI a few times in your fertile window to up your chances. As the pervious poster said the only difference in IUI and ICI vials is ICI isn’t washed and has more ml and possible a higher count.



One of the gals in Azoo Veterans achieved pregnancy via ICI. She was due around the same time I had my first child. Her name is Naomi35. It definitely can work…I think she tried it 2-3 times around ovulation time. I think it did take her 3 cycles to succeed, if I recall.

Good luck, Maryanne! :babydust: