anybody had these symptoms


anyone have or ever had leg weakness and little shooting pains in feet and ankles along with severe sacral back pain.

I am 5dp3dt and by the end of the day I am utterly exhausted and in pain.

is this just the progesterone or could this be early preg signs :slight_smile: I did get an HPT positive (could not help myself) but I know it is too early to tell if it is a pregnancy or HCG trigger.

I am so tired that I fell asleep taking an exam today in class…in the middle of the day.

also, do those vag suppositories give you really copious discharge…I am having to wear pads because it is so bad :frowning:

I hate this waiting period!!!

anyone has any info on these symptoms, Id love to hear some advice

do you think a heating pad is ok to use on pelvic and back pain?


I would stay away from the heating pad this early on.