Anybody use Pacific Reproductive Services for donor sperm


I am using donor sperm from them and I wanted to know what everyones experience was when they went. Also, if they had any pregnancies from them. I will be going sometime this week.


I personally have not used them. If you are referring to the one here in CA I personally know 2 couples that have used them. I know the husband in the first couple, they did 2 rounds and was successful with #2. They did ivf. The second couple I know the wife and she got pregnant with twins but I don’t know if it was the 1st round or how many rounds were done but it was ivf also. I can tell you with the first couple they paid I believe it was$15,000 but they got a gauranteed 2nd try. They did fresh for both rounds and no snow babies that I know of.


I did 2 IUIs back to back and it cost $2000. I didnt know they did IVF there. I didnt know they guaranteed pregnancies either.