Anyone 45+ and doing DE IVF?


Just curious. I’m new here and getting ready to start my second DE IVF. My first was in 2003 with a 15 year history of IF treatments. We’re looking to start bp in mid-Dec with RT/transfer in Jan 2011.

I would love some cycle buddies to help weather through this!!



me too!

Hi, I’ve had other posts here and there…good to talk to another 45+…yep, planning to mock this month, and maybe donor cycle in january if all goes well.

Never thought I’d be asking DH for a basket of eggs for Christmas…but here we are!!:flower: Elizabeth


Hi, SummerSolstice!

Nice to see you here! I’ve posted on other threads as well.

We have chosen our donor and she is now going through the prelim stuff (psych, legal, etc). I won’t be starting bcps until mid Dec, and hopefully we’ll have a transfer around mid to late Jan! Looks like you may be on the same path!

Will your donor come from your clinic’s pool, or are you searching outside agencies? Let me know how you are progressing. My clinic doesn’t have a donor pool, so it took me awhile searching many agencies to find this donor.