Anyone adopt from Ethiopia?


We are considering adopting from Ethiopia. There is a sense for parents who will take a child who is 36-60 months old. Process is 7-12 months. Dh would prefer a toddler. Which will be much longer.

Anyone went through this process?

Any insight would be helpful.



Hi Alicia–

Just wanted to send best wishes for a potential adoption. Ethiopia was our first choice after Guatemalan adoptions were put on hold. We had an approved home study and wanted to adopt in 2008, but we became pregnant with DD #2. We had requested an infant at the time, but now, as you indicated, the waiting children are older. You may be able to adopt an infant or toddler if s/he is part of a sibling group.

We were working with Wide Horizons for Children, and I was very impressed with the agency. Check their web page for their other adoption programs too.


Thanks caribbeanqueen. We have a friend who also wants to adopt from Ethiopia. She suggested we get siblings. So that they can grow up together. Go to the same school etc. she does not mind an older child. Just not sure if the agency will be willing to do that. Also not sure about splitting up siblings but I guess it is better than not being adopted at all. Congrats in your dd#2.



I highly doubt that an agency would go for you and your friend wanting to adopt siblings but raise them apart. There probably would be concern that if you and your friend were to have a falling out, what would happen then? would the siblings still be able to see each other? have a good relationship?
I only really know about Domestic Adoptions but I think they really try to keep sibling groups together as much as possible.
Even though your husband prefers a toddler, a 3yr old is still a toddler, so perhaps you could still adopt at the lower end of the age range you mentioned.

That seems very quick for an international adoption! I hope you are able to get things moving soon. Congrats & Good luck to you and your friend.


thank you all for your information and feedback. Have so much research to do. Will keep you posted.


QUOTE=GWU1991]You might want to do some reading on the US State Department website. It is the best source for accurate (unbiased by an agency) information about international adoptions. Here is the link for Ethiopia but there is a drop down tab on the page if you want to research other countries. ETHIOPIA | Intercountry Adoption

Reading it, I would say the 7-12 month timeline is the actually adoption process, after you have completed a home study and gotten USCIS approval. Each of which can take months individually. Not to be a downer but I don’t want to you get sucked in by huge agency promises that are not realistic like I was![/QUOTE]


Hi Alicia,

I just want to throw this out there - I realize that everyone has different reasons for choosing their specific adoption path whether through foster/state programs, private domestic infant, international, etc… I think that all pathways are wonderful and that people come to the decision that will work best for their own family.

I just wondered if given that you are open to African adoption, whether you had thought about adopting an African-American child domestically? Once approved, your wait for an infant or young toddler could likely be very short (our agency could have placed us within a week if the situation had been right for us). My friend had a great experience with such a situation, and she has a closed domestic adoption. If you are more comfortable with a closed adoption, these situations do exist domestically. I just wished to put this out there - ultimately doing what your heart feels called to do and what you are both comfortable with is what is in the best interest of your family and future child. I just know that you are ready to be a mom!

My husband was very interested in toddler adoption too; for him, he thought we could just skip the no sleep part and go to the fun playing part! (Not to suggest that it’s really so easy for a toddler to accommodate to a new environment, but I could understand his point of view!) Best wishes as always!


I have a friend who adopted her son from Ethiopia…he arrived when he was about a year old…about six months ago. She and her DH couldn’t be happier or more in love with their amazing little boy. Sorry I don’t have more logistical info but just wanted to share a happy ending, for encouragement.


We have friends who did that too. They’ve reached out and created a whole local community of parents who adopted from Ethiopia. They’re very very happy and in the process of adopting Ethiopian child #2.


Hi Alicia,
Good luck in adoption and glad that you choose Ethiopia for adoption as hunger is one of the problem in Ethiopia and hope after adoption child will get every necessity of life with you.


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