Anyone cycling at CCRM from Massachusetts?


Hi all,
I’m new to the fertility forum and was hoping to find some help here!

As you can see from my signature below, we have recently failed our second IVF cycle (D&C at 9 weeks last week). Per my current RE, I was on the “highest dose” of stims and there isn’t much more they can do in terms of medications to try to stimulate more eggs. Although I’m by no means an expert, just researching the internet on my own, I’m not so sure this is true and CCRM keeps popping up.

I’ve called and scheduled a phone consult with the first available CCRM doc (Surrey) which is at the end of this month. BUT have a lot of questions regarding going out of state for IVF.

For anyone cycling at CCRM, are there any particular docs you would recommend or would have me avoid?

For those of you cycling at CCRM from MA, who did your local monitoring and how did you set that up? Also, did your insurance cover any of the cost for going out of state (given that we are lucky enough to have infertility treatments covered in MA!)?

Any responses would be appreciated! Thanks so much in advance!!!


Hi there! I think all of the REs at CCRM are good, so you should be in good hands with Surrey. We set up outside monitoring with RSC in Lexington. My insurance only covered the diagnostics, such as ultrasounds and blood work, so I don’t think that all insurances cover infertility treatment. Call CCRM with your information and see if they contract with your provider and call your insurance to see what is covered. We submitted all of our receipts knowing most of our treatment would be denied just in case. We were able to get some reimbursement (again, for the diagnostics) but I think each insurance is a little different. Good luck!


Thank you so much for your reply! Did you have to get a RE at RSC or were you just able to use their blood and ultrasound labs? Looking at your signature, I’m assuming that you were successful at CCRM? Out of curiosity, did you cycle in Massachusetts as well prior to going to CCRM? I’m currently with Boston IVF in Waltham and would love your thoughts on this center if you have any… Thank you so so much again!


No, just call RSC and let them know you would like to do outside monitoring with them. They will be able to do your blood work and ultrasounds. For the day 3 blood work that needs to be spun down to plasma, frozen and then overnighted to CCRM, local hospitals will do it as a courtesy blood draw (free). I didn’t cycle at Boston IVF, but I think they have good SART numbers.


Thank you so much NoKaOi! I just found your blogspot-- THANK YOU for blogging. It is soooo helpful to read through someone else’s experiences of the same process!



I use to live in Denver so I did my harvests there at CCRM – love them – Dr. M is my doc and I think she is great – so kind, compassionate and an expert – but everything I’ve heard all the Dr.s there are terrific. I recently moved to MA and have been doing an FET with CCRM and its not as difficult as it first appears. I get my blood drawn at Quest – easy, no apts needed just show up in the morning and their turn around time is great. I do my ultrasounds with Boston Ultrasound in Brookline – they are quick, efficent and good. I will probably move to RSC or Boston IVF for the ultrasounds for my next stim cycle just because I want to be with someone that knows what they are looking for and then I’ll fly to CCRM for my ER. Boston ultrasound was more for my general ultrasounds. Good luck and hang in there – CCRM is great!



Thank you so much for your response! It sounds like there are a lot of options in terms of finding a local place for monitoring in the Boston area which is reassuring. Any other recs/advice regarding CCRM would be appreciated as well!
I was just looking at your signature and wanted to say that I’m so so sorry for your loss. Did they give you any thoughts on the loss of 2 CCS normal embryos? I have my fingers crossed for you on your next cycle. Wishing you tons and tons of luck!!!