Anyone do a "natural" cycle?


Has anyone here done and had success with a “natural” cycle? Meaning NO BCP’s, lupron or anything?

For our FET (hopefully next cycle) the doc said he wants me to try NO BCP’s or Lupron and just do estrogen and progesterone. (ugh, I HATE PIOS!)

But I’m curious if anyone here has and if you are the one with the infertility cause or if you have MFI like we do?..thanks!!!


my FET was a natural cycle, see my sig for complete details.
I was monitored for ovulation, then put on estrogen and progesterone (suppositories NOT pio) and the transfer was a 5 day blast so FET was 5 days after ovulation, to simulate as close to natural.
We also have MF and used DS, never did a fresh transfer due to my clinic’s protocol and are currently pregnant from the 1st try.

Good luck!!