Anyone do a Natural FET (with NO meds, no PIO etc)


This is the standard natural FET protocol at my clinic, but i am nervous that there is no PIO. I would think they would do that as a precautionary measure and plan on asking why not. Anyone get PG with a ytrue Non med FET?


I am currently in my 2nd ALL natural FET. My 1st ended in a chemical pregnancy at 5 weeks. I Had my ET last friday, and did a HPT today, but it was BFN. i think it is too early tho.


katith–Im sorry to hear about yoru chemical. I just had a chemical pg from our recent fresh cycle a few weeks ago :frowning:

Does your clinic mointor your progesterone levels at all during the FET?


yeah, I had BT nearly every day in the lead up to the transfer. They just track when I ovulated naturally, and then do transfer 5 days after I naturally ovulate.

I have my:cross: for a better result this time around as I had all my embryos besides 1 not survive the thawing process. We were hoping to transfer 2, but only had 1 out of 5 survive. If it doesn’t work we have to start from scratch.



:cross: my fingers are crossed for u both! :grouphug:
i just did a natural fet cycle on 11/19. well somewhat natural. i had to take the ovidrel so they could controll when i ovulated due to when i got my af. i naturally ovulate just fine but due to holiday schedules i would’ve had to cancel for 2 months cuz next month the holidays fall on the same day as i ovulate as well. i am doing crinone suppositories which is another form of progesterone. that’s the only meds. there are A LOT of women who have done natural cycles and had a great outcome. google it and you’ll c. there are a couple of ladies on this forum as well who’ve had success with it…

take care :thankyou: :bsv: :babydust: