Anyone done retrival and FET at the same cycle?


Is it possible to do an egg retrival and day 5 FET in the same cycle? Anyone done it, please let me know?

I had a retrival last week and we are sending it to PGD…and due to less number of eggs we may have to do one more retrival before starting our transfers…so by the time we might do our next retrival in Jan, we will get this cycle eggs tested and ready to transfer. That’s my case.


I haven’t had my cycle yet, but I’m planning to do Day 5 PGD and FET, so I’ve been talking a lot about how that will work with the embryologist.

I know I’ve seen people on here transfer fresh and frozen embryos the same cycle. In your scenario, though, it depends on the testing that you do that cycle. If you do Day 3 PGD with one of the labs that can get results back in a day, you could potentially transfer a tested fresh embryo plus your frozen one(s) from this cycle. You wouldn’t be able to have Day 5 testing next cycle and do a fresh transfer, since you can’t get those results back in time. You could do Day 5 and freeze, and then transfer the snowbabies from both cycles at once later.


I spoke with the embryologist today and they are going to do batching - send this cycle embryo cells to PGD center where they will save it and once they get the second round of biopseid cells from 2nd ER in January, they will combine both and do one PGD testing. We felt that day 5 PGD is better and so that’s why we have to wait.

The FET will start in March.