Anyone else doing Egg Retrieval this week?


I am new to this site, still figuring it all out. I am on my first round of IVF (probably my first and only) and I’m on day 8 of stimulation. I am going to have my retrieval either Wed. or Thurs. of this coming week. I am soooo nervous. I only have one ovary and I am not responding well to my stims (last estradiol was only 247) but my RE did see 5 good looking follicles and is not going to cancel my cycle, thank God! Anyone else in a similar situation, can relate or has tips on ER or doing your ER this week as well?? (btw I have a blog Our IVF Journey if you want to check it out, leave comments, etc.) :slight_smile: THANKS!!! I need some…:cheer: cause I’m freaking out!!!

:pray: hoping and praying!!!