Anyone else Going Au Natural? Metformin makes me sick


Hi Ladies-
I am new to the forum - however I found this site after a mc I had one year ago. Since then I have slowly been learning what is wrong with my fertility and we are trying to uncover the underlying causes. I am following a method for infertility called Creighton and have found that I have PCOS, low progesterone and low CM.
I took metformin for two months but could not stand it. I have been doing a lot of reading on diet changes and feel like I need to go that route since I also have diabetes in my family.
Is anyone else doing this?
Currently I am taking Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin D, Flax seed, optivites, Guaufenesin (during peak times-its same as Mucinex) and a compounded B6 supplement. All natural! (well maybe not Guaufensin)? This is my 2nd full month on this plan and I feel tons better but have not seen a tremendous improvement in my CM yet. This month I am planning on trying Pre-seed as well.
Would love to hear from anyone who is possibly going this route as well- for PCOS or other information that may help.


me: 35 (soon!) PCOS, with regular 28 day cycles and normal weight
DH: 40, waiting to test
mc 11/2010:wings:


Hi KB ,

I am taking Metformin and I am fine on it - maybe almost better than fine - I take the extended release tho - I did hear bad things about the instant release - which version are you taking?

I find your post very interesting - How did they rx your low progesterone? I am sure I have issues with this but dr doesn’t seem to be too worries - so now I am A Graduate of the Google med school !!


I’m also on MetforminER (extended release). I had to build up to my current dose though, because of some of the unpleasant side effects that you can experience.

Not sure if your doctor recommended it, but there is another drug called Glumetza, that does the same thing as the metformin. Its a little more expensive, but has alot less side effects.

Like you, I’m trying to natural in my supplements, while making changes to my lifestyle for a healthier future. I put ground flaxseed in almost everything…and DH is none the wiser!

Wishing you much success and health in the new year!


KB- just wanted to let you know that after my last bfn cycle I went off all mend and now getting back on them - I took Meformin in the am this time and it sur eis giving me a headache - so taking it at night is much better for me … slow release version too …


Au natural update

Hi Ladies- I finally got the admin to add me to the forum! Sorry for the delay in responding.
To answer a few questions- my Dr found out I had low progesterone by doing a one month profile of my cycle following the Creighton Method. This means I had to give blood about every 2-3 days for a one month period and different hormone levels were measured throughout my cycle.

At the end of it the Dr had a profile of my fertility and could see what I am lacking at various times of my cycle. She found a few things including low progesterone after peak which as we all know can cause miscarriage.
I also found minor insulin resistance by doing an insulin test as well.

Thank your for the advice about Glumetza. I have changed my rx to this and if I am not preg this month I will start taking it again and hope to not feel as sick.

I wanted to add that by going “au natural” this month I also started my day with grapefruit juice for 10 days during fertile time, ate green veggies every day and mostly whole grains, cut down on coffee too (painful!!)
Any way I saw CM for the first time in 3 months!! we also used pre~seed this month for the first time and are waiting to see if it worked.:cross: I will take a PT in a week.:pray:

Thanks all for your comments! I really love having this forum to come too!