Anyone else told to take an allergy pill daily after ET?


I am 3 days post 5 day ET and was told to take an allergy pill every day until my beta test. Was anyone else told to take allergy pills?

They transferred 1 B+ and 1C+ embie which makes me very nervous. Seems like everyone else had the highest grade 5 day embies transferred. I’m just glad we had two left over to freeze.

Best of luck to everyone thru this process! I had no idea each day would be a matter of overcoming a new hurdle starting from stim day all the way to conception!


I’ve never been told to take allergy pills after ET… in fact when I was pregnant last year I was having alot of problems with my allergies and I asked my dr if I could take anything and he said no because there are no studies proving that it is safe for the baby.