Anyone FET while breastfeeding?


Has anyone continued nursing while undergoing a FET? We’re hoping to do our 1st FET in June however I’m still currently nursing our 1st child and haven’t started ovulating again yet. Our daughter will be 14 months old at that time, but if at all possible I’d prefer NOT having to wean her in order to do this cycle. Info has been hard to come by. Obviously my RE said I’ll need stop. The only meds I’ll be using are Estrace & progesterone which both pass thru BM, but are actually not considered harmful to a baby. Ideally, she’d only be nursing 1-2/day at that point, and I’m hoping that will be enough to get my hormones in order again. We have 9 frosties, so if this round didn’t work, I wouldn’t feel like I’d squandered our last chance. I’d love to hear from anyone who’s had any experience!


It’s really up to you, although I will encourage you to be honest with your RE whatever you decide to do. You really don’t want to tell him you’ve weaned, for instance, just to go through with the cycle, because of the way it changes your body chemistry. He’ll need to be able to assess your health properly. I think the prolactin will lower your fertility, but some women do still get pregnant, so, especially since you won’t be doing all the stimming shots, I think it’s just something you have to decide if you want to try, knowing that your chances will likely be lower than usual.


We first tried a natural fet but since I was still nursing at night I didn’t ovulate so it was canceled. My re told me I needed to completely wean (actually, he was told me that from the get-go because your uterus contracts while nursing and it can cause your uterus to reject implantation)

Then, the next month, he was finaly all weaned and I did a medicated cycle with estrace and progesterone.

Good luck with your fet!! I hope it’s successful!!


Hi! I noticed you went ahead with the FET
and got a BFP-congrats!

I’m guessing you had to at least cycle on your own prior to the FET, but did you wean completely? I am BFing my almost 17 month old, but want to go ahead with a FET anyways. I have been having a regular cycle for over a year though.

I would appreciate your input!


Halcyonrx - I never did get my period even once we were down to nursing only twice/day. We had to use provera to kickstart my cycle (approved for use while BF), and I started bleeding right on schedule 3 days after the last pill.

So…I never did tell me RE, and I never fulled weaned. We did 2/day up to the transfer, once the morning of then nothing for 24 hrs, then 1/day until my beta. As you noticed it was a success, and I’m so happy I didn’t prematurely wean!

That said, I was prescribed 1cc PIO injections, but my p4 was low, so they increased to 1.5cc. Now maybe it’s just my body this time around, but I didn’t have that problem with my fresh cycle 2 yrs ago, and prolactin from BF does supress progesterone, so…Now that I’m on the higher does, my levels are way more than sufficient.

Also, I chose to go down to 1/day after the transfer to be extra cautious, and now I’m having a really hard time getting that morning nursing session back. My daughter gets kinda angry when I try to nurse her when she wakes up, it’s about 50/50 on whether she will or if she instead demands milk from a cup (I don’t pump now, so she just gets whole milk). I’m not sure how much of this is from having cutback the frequency and how much is from just being pregnant since your milk does change. She’s still fine nursing sporadically during the day if she gets hurts or is upset which is helpful, and our bedtime nursing is still the same & consistent.

All said & done I’m content with our choices. If my cycle had already resumed on its own, I probably wouldn’t have altered my nursing schedule at all. Let me know if you have any other questions, and GOD LUCK with whatever you decide!