Anyone from NC?


Hi everyone! Just recently joined this fertility forum looking for support and people that can relate to similar situations. Is anyone from North Carolina? Thought it would be nice talking to people in the area, since there aren’t any support groups in the Raleigh area where I live. :grouphug:


Im from NC. Around 1 1/2 hours from Raleigh. Send me a private message if you ever want to chat.


I’m in NC!


I’m in NC. I have been TTC#1 for 3 1/2 years now! If you need anyone to talk with feel free to send me a message!


Hi Ladies,

I am from NC as well - Would be nice to keep in touch - since we are all so close.

Please feel free to email me


I’m in NC also aqnd have been TTC for 2 1/2 yrs. On my 2nd round of clomid and hcg shot.


I’m from NC also! Use to live in the Raleigh but now live in Greensboro area. Would love to chat with others in NC :slight_smile:


From NC

Hi Pinky 339, I am in highpoint, NC. Who is your doctor? I am looking for an RE who is treating clotting issues. As you can see in my signature I have done 9 IUIs so far and had 2 miscarriages. I had high levels of anticardiolipin antibodies afterthe 2nd miscarriage. I haven’t treated for anticardiolipin antibodies so far because my RE says my OB will start Lovenox when I get pregnant again. I read a lot about this clotting issues and researches say these antibodies can prevent implantation too. After joining this forum, I learnt that most of the ladies are treated before ovulation for clotting issues. I got pregnant with IUI’s after trying 6-7 months. So I don’t want to try and waste time and money without treating the problem. I am looking for changing doctors.