Anyone from RSC New England?


I’m new to this forum… I was wondering if anyone here uses RSC in Mass and has any success stories to share?


[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]I had a successful cycle at RSC. Keep in mind that a lot of people complain that they feel like nothing more than a number at this clinic. It’s like being in a flock of sheep…get you in and get you out. I pretty much felt the same way during my cycle and actually even more so because being part of a study I got the crappiest ultrasound times (6am!) ect. There is also one ultrasound tech who wasn’t the greatest with finding follies. She more than once sent me home in tears thinking that I had follies disappear on me over night just to find out the next day that she didn’t a crappy job counting them and I wasn’t the only patient to complain about this same ultrasound tech. [/FONT][/SIZE]

[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]One thing though that has stuck in my mind was a rather unprofessional incident with one of the nurses. I had just had my ultrasound to find out if my pregnancy was viable and I had found out that one of my embryos was a blighted ovum. As I sat in the waiting room waiting for the study nurse to speak to me about it another nurse came into the waiting area loudly congratulating the couple next to me as they had just found out they were carrying triplets. I just felt this was in bad taste 1. because maybe that couple didn’t want their private news being broadcast like that to all of us in the waiting area and 2.because there were people there like me who maybe didn’t get such great news and were suffering a loss and this just rubbed it in. [/FONT][/SIZE]

[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]My husband and I were considering doing another IVF to try to give our daughter a sibling. We’ve gone back and forth about it and I think we’ve decided against it at this junction in our lives but I will say that before we came to that decision we were looking at other clinics. We had pretty much decided that going back to RSC probably wasn’t in the cards for us even though we had a successful cycle there. [/FONT][/SIZE]


RSC and Dr. Howe - Western Mass

Hi there!

I’m also using RSC, but I live way out in the hills of Western Mass, so I only go there for egg retrievals and embryo transfers. My primary RE is Dr. Robert Howe in E. Longmeadow. Not having as much interaction with the RSC staff, I can’t say I’ve ever had a negative experience at the Lexington office.

Dr. Pang manages my cycle protocols in communication with Dr. Howe, and while at times I’ve found it frustrating to not be able to communicate directly with Dr. Pang, it’s been all right. I trust Howe, Pang is just wicked busy. I’ve had some challenges along the road, and I’ve felt confident between the two docs that they are up on current research, doing lots of testing (appropriately), and tweaking my protocols in ways that make sense.

I’ve had great experiences with the nurses at RSC. In particular, Karen always starts my IV and is really excellent at it, no pain.

Wish you luck!