Anyone get a BFP without sore boobies?


Hi everyone - I am curious - has anyone ever gotten a BFP without the sore boobs symptom?


Yes i have… my BFP back in Feb i had NONE of my normal 2ww symptoms. I didn’t get sore bbs until 16dpIUI. Now i had a day, the day after i got my bfp on 10dpIUI that they were tender, but not sore. I just chalked it up to AF was about to show.


I may have been a little tender, but definitely not sore. The 2 months prior the prometrium made me so sore that I had to hold them going up the stairs (I’m only an A cup, so that is not normal for me) and if I rolled over during the night I cried out in pain. The month I got my BFP was nothing like that.


Same here! When I got my bfp in 2005, the only symptom I had was fatigue and slight nausea. (Told my hubby I was getting a summer bug, I remember it vividly.)

Didn’t get the sore bbs till 2 weeks later, and even then it wasn’t horrible, just small twinges.

Good luck!!


[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]What if your bbs are so sore you can barely handle it…does that mean a definite :bfn: ?

I know it’s only b/c of the Crinone 8%, but I do get really sore bbs with normal PMS symptoms. Nothing like this…the only other time my bbs hurt like this was when I had my miscarriage…and I didn’t even know I was pg until the miscarriage…Is there still hope for me this cycle?[/FONT]


SSE1014, you definitely still have a shot! While I’m the “no bbbs tingling in the beginning”, my best friend is the exact opposite and knew she was preggo by her tingling bbs.

Don’t over-analyze your symptoms, you’ll go crazy! :grouphug: KUP!


No soreness at all with my pregnancy. No nausea, tiredness, or any of the other usual symptoms. It just varies from person to person and from pregnancy to pregnancy.