Anyone get treatment at IVFNJ for recurrent pregnancy loss?


I had 2 mcs in the past yr. My Dr said I needed to see an RE. I just wanted to see if anyone else has been there to see them for this issue and what their experience was. Thanks.


Thanks for responding. Im glad they made you feel special. I hope I have a similar experience. Good luck to you.


I go to ivfnj
Doctors and staff are great.
Unfortunately my first ivf with 2 good 5 day transfer didn’t work.
This month moving forward with ivf#2.
I honestly think ivf success is a matter of luck.
Doctors had high hope for a successful ivf since I am able to conceive naturally…I was devastated when it didn’t.

My history…prior to moving forward to IVF.
2009 miscarriage: unknown reason.
2009 conceived naturally (blessed with a beautiful healthy girl)
2011 conceived naturally (my son born 39 weeks csection healthy as can be as we were told by doctors and later passed away after 3 days of a rare metabolic genetic condition that my husband and I are carriers for and of course didn’t know until after his death.)
2012 accident natural conception terminated at 4 months due to the same rare metabolic condition ( absolutely no cure)
2012 failed IVF with pgd implanted 2 good embryos non took and non to freeze. Extremely frustrated.
2013 ready for ivf2 and something told me to check my thyroid and of course I found out I have thyroid cancer…April 2013 thyroid removed
2013 may moving forward with ivf2 freezing embryos.