Anyone give up on ever having a child


Did anyone give up on ever having a child of your own and decide that being a mother is more important than getting pregnant so you adopted?
And now, are you with a new DH and have promised him to go through all the fertility treatments to try and have a baby with him?
If so, has anyone became pregnant?
I was just so much happier coming to terms with my IF but my DH has given me reason to believe. It is just so emotionally consuming. And of course, If I don’t become pregnant I will have to go through the whole process of feeling like a failure again.
Any positive feedback would be greatly appreciated! :af:


In today’s society it is normal for both men and women to use minds to focus on pursuing the ideal career, then the ideal partner, creating a secure financial situation and then choosing to have a family (or try for a second child). Each of these milestones have required commitment, dedication, drive, determination and energy to ‘make it happen.’ However, when we try hard for something we want and do not achieve it, we are left feeling deflated, exhausted and depressed. According to various statistics around one in seven couples struggle with difficulties trying to conceive and often this seems to be the one thing we want more than anything - not because we can’t have it, not because everyone else has a family, but because of the deep yearning within. Integrative lifestyle strategies can help reduce the impact of stress. Techniques that involve a meditative approach can also help you to be a much happier, content person. I was also in your shoe dear. Till when I went for surrogacy in Bio tex and I am now a proud mother.