Anyone have embryo mix-up fears after IVF?


I’m 28 weeks pregnant from IVF and as it’s getting closer and closer to my due date, I am worrying about embryo mix-up. Even though my clinic has [B]never[/B] had that happen and they have several safeguards in place to prevent that from happening. I still have this overwhelming fear of that. Is this just a normal thing we IVF folks go through? Has anyone had that fear as well? Just looking for support. I shouldn’t be worrying about this and I should be enjoying every second of this pregnancy.



I have definitely had that thought cross my mind – especially this time around when I kept seeing the same woman at all of my appointments, including my retrieval and transfer. I think her IVF was successful, too. Rationally, I know there are a lot of safeguards in place and it is highly unlikely that this would happen. I think the pregnancy hormones are allowing these intrusive thoughts to take hold. Other than the occasional television report, I’ve never heard of this happening. As for the woman I kept seeing at the appointments… she and her husband are Asian, my husband and I are not – so once the twins arrive, we’ll know for sure! :slight_smile: As for my daughter, she totally resembles both my husband and me (other than a few of his features, she could be right out of my baby pictures), so there was absolutely no mix-up there!


Thank you for the reassurance and letting me know I’m not the only one with these thoughts. I’m asian and my DH is caucasion. We have a 5 year old that was conceived with clomid and has more of my features. We would definately know if there was a mix-up. I know that everything is fine and as I mentioned my RE reassured me that it has never happened in their clinic. To top it off I was the only transfer they had on that day. I’m not sure though if I was the only retreival they had on my retrieval day. Anyways, just knowing I was the only transfer does make me feel better. These pregnancy hormones do make you think crazy thoughts and worry about silly things. Best wishes to you and your family.



Haha the thought actually crossed my mind after DD was born! She was born with just so much dark black hair…both myself and DH had dark hair when we were born but not as much or as dark as hers! I can see ourselves when I look at her now though, and I know the thought was completely irrational…I think it was just one of those things that probably anyone who does IVF thinks at one point or another.


I worried a little about that with our son since another couple was there getting an IUI the same day. I always wondered what if they got the sperm mixed up. We know for sure they didn’t though since my son looks just like me and my husband :slight_smile:


Thanks for the chuckle! I’m glad you posted. The thought crossed my mind a couple of times. I’m half white, half asian. DH is half white, half black and our DD (through IVF) was born with Blue Eyes and has blondish hair. She didn’t look like either one of us but turns out she is ours! haha! Her eyes turned brown and her skin darkened (still has blondish hair) and she has my face…glad to know I’m not the only one who has thought that!

Congrats on your pregnancy!

P.S. Sure the baby is yours! :slight_smile: Dont’ spend too much energy worrying!!


Thank you ladies. I’m just glad to know I’m not the only one that have thought about this. I’ll try not to think about it anymore.


I had that fear with my DD before she was born. I was never so relieved after she was born, when EVERYONE who saw her said she looked like my DH. To this day she is the spitting image of him, LOL. So I at least know they got 1/2 of the stuff right.


I had to laugh seeing this thread - with our fresh cycle DH and I saw the same couple (biracial while we are both Caucasian) at both our ER AND our ET - we joked that at least we’d be able to tell if they switched our embryos with theirs. But I had every confidence that the lab would take every precaution and return our own embryos to us. We did have a good laugh at ET though!


As serious as this topic is, it is funny that at some point I think most of us IVFers has thought this. My fear was that when my 1st was born that he would be another race (as dh and I are caucasion). I was terrified. I actually didnt feel better until I found out his blood type because me and dh are both a+ and we knew he had to be! Then I felt 100% relieved!


I didn’t have IVF but we had IUI and I too was afraid that they would mix up my husband’s sperm with someone elses. The day we had our IUI there were about 3 other couples having theirs done too. And I know this was awful but there was a not-so-attractive hispanic male that was there and I thought to myself “Oh dear god, if there is a sperm mix up, please don’t let it be his that I end up with!!!” As soon as Patrick was born though, I knew he was the product of my husband and I…He looks EXACTLY like my husband, with the exception of the eyes and his coloring…which is all mine. LOL


So funny… When I was in the waiting room waiting on my transfer, there was another girl sitting in the waiting room also waiting on her transfer. They called my name, and we both stood up - apparently we had the same name! So yes, the thought of a mix-up has definitely crossed my mind a couple of times since then! I hope they got the right embryos in the right person!


Haha apparently the thought crosses all of our minds. DH was more worried than I was that they would mix something up, but I still thought about it. Thankfully one of my twins looks just like me and the other just like DH, so I think we’re okay :slight_smile:


Even though I havent been through IVF I have had an IUI and I deff worried about what if they accidentally mixed up my husbands sperm with someone else’s??? But clinics like that have to be extra careful… imagine the lawsuit they would have on their hands…


I did hear about a law suit and the person won…there was a mix up.
The birth mom had to give the baby to the other real mother…she found out early on and carried the baby for the mother. it was nice that she agreed to carry the baby.


I’ve thought about this a lot, actually. We used donor sperm and I am paranoid that they mixed up the sperm that DH picked and the baby won’t ‘match’ us. We have not really told anyone that we chose to use a donor and don’t plan to, but if the baby came out something other than pasty white like me… well, I guess I could blame it on the milk man.


so funny that i stumbled on this thread today, just found out we have two embryos from our IVF cycle but just one comment from the embryologist sticks with me, he mentioned that there were plenty of sperm and everything went well. Our journey to conceive is a result of DH having little to no sperm and when the sample was taken to freeze the embryologist then found 5 useable sperm in the whole lot!!
I’m not going to loose sleep over it but yes, I have thought about it!!