Anyone have insight on FET cycles?


Just started BC for our first FET cycle. Had serious OHSS last year and wanted to see what’s in store for the FET coming up…Thanks girls!


Dear Babymama30: I, too, have had a serious run-in with OHSS. I have since done 3 FETs and I am on my 4th. They are absolutely a breeze in comparison. BCPs get your cycle sync’d and some protocols call for lupron followed by Estrodiol and then Progesterone. Nothing that stimulates the ovaries and no risk for OHSS. Best of luck to you.


How long does an FET take from start to finish? I’m considering one as soon as I wean my baby. I plan to wean by February, and I’m wondering how soon after I could hope to be pregnant again.


Hi babymama30, I am also on my first FET cycle. Just had ET 2 days ago. Will have the transfer in August. Good luck to everyone, including myself! :slight_smile:


FET’s are easy peasy compared to a fresh cycle. How long they take from start to finish depends on whether your clinic uses BCPs to coordinate timing. For this cycle, I am on BCPs for 3 weeks before I start lupon, and from the day I start lupron until transfer is exactly 4 weeks. 2 weeks of lupron and then a ‘period’ and then begin estrogen and then monitor your lining and when the lining is ‘ripe’ start progesterone and 5 days later transfer (that is if you are transferring blasts’.

Only a couple of ultrasounds for lining checks and a couple of blood work ups to monitor E2 levels.


FET forum

Check out the FET forum under Infertility Treatments. Lots of specific FET info over there. Good luck to everyone!