Anyone have major AF cramps and still get a BFP?


Hi. I’m 9dp5dt and am having a lot of AF pains. Lower back pain, sore boobs, and my uterus feels heavy. I haven’t had the courage to take a hpt yet. Any advice is appericated. Thanks.


Im new too and 4 days past my ET. Ive been having extreme cramping ever since i had my ER on Monday. Im actually going for an ultrasound tomorrow because my cramping has never subsided. I think the symptoms your having is due to the drugs your taking. I know that Im doing Estrace and IM projesterone and I have the same symptoms. Are you taking any of these? Good luck!
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The 2 IVF cycles that I had heavy cramping, I had BFPs!!! The FET cycle, I had no cramping and got a BFN. Cramping is a GREAT sign!


As scary as it may be, cramping can be a normal sign of pregnany.
I swore up and down my Af was going to come after my IVf cycle because of the cramping. I am now 19 weeks pregnant and still have those creepy AF cramps but no period!!! Best of luck!!!


cramping can be a good sign! I was soo crampy with DD all the way through 6 weeks. Good luck!


Yep, both my pregnancies I was crampy! Are you on PIO? Cramping is a side effect of that too.


yes! I am 6 weeks & still getting AF like cramping! My RE says some women get alot of uterus spasms from the embryo implanting. Good luck!


Cramping can be a good sign. I am now almost 10 weeks and still have cramps.


linda80 I’m getting lots of cramping and some stabbing pains too. I’m 8dp3dt. Along with the lower back pain and sore boobs. I hope what everyone is say is true. Thanks for asking the question. Good luck to you.


I always cramp and brown spot when I am pregnant, starts about 11dpo. It feels like a bad period is about to start. I am on PIO too when it happens.

Good Luck!


Thanks for all the great successful replies. I am currently taking PIO, vivelle dot patches and crinone gel. Congrats to all of you ladies that got BPF’s and I wish, pray, and hope that those of us that are waiting get our BFP’s soon!